Friday, May 9, 2008


Digmaang Salinlahi: Two Faces of a War


Written by: Jon Zamar
Pencils by: Gabriel Dela Cruz
Breakdowns, Inks & Grays by: Jon Zamar

Notes: Another contribution to the Fresh Comic Book Anthology, this time done with another of Digmaang Salinlahi's staple artists, Gabriel Dela Cruz.

Jumping to the future, we see a Suleiman, now a young man and a student at the Council's military school, and his betrothed Sali of the kingdom of Iladion, talking about their future and reminiscing about their first days at the academy.

Pursuing his dream, Suleiman opts to remain at the academy to become a full Knight / Judge like his father was during the First War. Sali on the other hand, still disgusted at how their respective kingdoms are treated as second class members of the council before they joined and even now, decides to return back home. With war brewing between the old kingdom Nobles and the Council, because of new policies and alliances, the lovers are separated for the first time since they were kids.


Jon said...

Wow! Galing. Pwede add ko ito sa links namin?

Jon Zamar said...

Sige lang Jon! Malaking tulong yun sa pag-raise ng awareness para sa komiks ko.