Friday, May 9, 2008


Digmaang Salinlahi: A Kid's Dream


Story by: Jon Zamar
Pencils by: Wenz Chua
Inks by: Jon Zamar
Grays / Colors by: Sin Sobeira, Jon Zamar

Notes: Originally these 4 pages were supposed to be published for Culture Crash Comics issue 15.5 and were in full color. Heh. It didn't happen, the publication closed down exactly right after we finished the pages and an office accident which was pretty funny but I'm sure was downright painful.

The story is a basic introduction of Suleiman, a young noble who dreams of becoming a Council Knight/Judge, and a basic rundown on what he perceives as the penultimate perils of the land he calls home. The ending was rewritten as a promo piece to pimp what I thought would be a continuing published series.

The pages were eventually published in my independently produced comic book anthology Fresh, copies of which are still available in Comic Quest Megamall and SM North and Comic Odyssey in Robinson Galleria in Ortigas.

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