Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 8: At the Crossroads

Digmaang Salinlahi
Chapter 8: At the Crossroads

Written by: Jon Zamar
Art by: Franklin Ouano
Chapter art by: Franklin Ouano

Suleiman is saved from Lanubo's onslaught by the timely arrival of Sali and Idaranggian. His questionable loyalties separate the two allies. The Iladnion cavalry finally arrives.

* Illustrator Franklin Ouano outdid himself in this chapter. Very, very awesome panel work.

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xLeon said...

Good chapter. In my opinion, I think Sul should now have a change of outfit since he switched side already. Though I think the ratan-like shoulder caps look great - he can keep it.

Can't wait to see this in color when I'm back in Manila. And I can't wait to see the new chapter.

The story is great by the way. I really like it. I am also a fantasy-maniac and also have some ideas of my own.